I have woken to the tragic news of Erin Moran from Happy Days having passed.  Not the nicest thing to wake up to on a Sunday, but there it is none the less.  Going through my usual “Google Trends” looking for a blog topic to post there I see Erin’s beautiful face and I wonder if it’s bad news or not.  But she’s so young I think to myself, so it can’t be cancer or any other form of terminal illness and certainly not death!!


According to Just Jared the actress known for the bubbly Joanie character on shows including “Happy Days” and “Joanie Loves Chachi” was found to be unresponsive by police in Harrison County, Indiana after receiving a 911 call.  The Sydney Morning Herald reports that she had been kicked out of her trailer park home in Indiana, along with her husband Steve Fleischmann, and was subsequently living out of a motel, the Holiday Inn, in Corydon, battling substance abuse.  The paper also reports that according to Variety, Moran and 3 of her Happy Days co-stars had filed  a $US10million lawsuit against CBS, claiming they never received merchandise royalties owed under their contracts.


In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter in June last year, Scott Baio her co-star on both shows, was asked when the last time he had seen Moran to which he was quoted replying “A long time ago, thank God. She’s got her own problems that I don’t want to deal with.  I saw Henry Winkler the other day”.


So it seems there may have been a rift or there was no real love lost between the two.  It appears that he has not even have batted an eyelash at the news of her death after becoming a Trump supporter and throwing his two cents into the outcome of the big Election that was the Trump/Clinton circus last year.


At the time of writing I could not find a single reference to Erin’s passing on any of Baio’s social media accounts.  Baio’s Twitter feed all seems to be focused entirely on how hated he has become since he started showing his support for Trump and arguing with random people about their remarks.  Trump seems to have taken pride of place on his profile picture as well.

Scott Baio Twitter No Reference To Erin Moran


Some of the other members of the Happy Days cast have at least made reference to Erin’s passing and don’t seem to have turned their back on  the troubled star.  Ron Howard who played the character of her brother “Richie Cunningham” and is now known for his directorial prowess in Hollywood has posted on Twitter


Ron Howard Tweet about Erin Moran


Henry Winkler famous for his character “Arthur Fonzarelli” or “The Fonz” also tweeted his sympathies.


Henry Winkler Tweet about Erin Moran

Although the show was a little before my time I do remember watching reruns as a kid and getting a laugh out of it.  I seem to have a vague recollection of Erin making guest appearances on chat shows with former cast mates in celebration of a reunion or anniversary.


I do remember that nothing seemed out of the ordinary and that she did appear to be in a good place. I guess people are able to put on a brave face even when things may be spiralling out of control in their personal lives.


I’m left feeling truly sad today, particular for her family, friends and those close to Erin. I’m hoping that when things have settled and time passes that she is remembered for her wonderful work on Happy Days and how she made us all laugh.  She seemed to be such a lovely person so I hope now she gets the peace she deserves.  Rest In Peace Erin xx