Beyond The Experiment 

MAFSThe cast of MAFS season 4 must be getting a pretty lucrative pay cheque for their time this year because it seems like the show just never ends.  It appears that madness has crept into the decision makers at Channel 9 because I feel like the show has become a little bit of a farce.


I’m still weighing up what disappoints me the most.  The depths that free to air television has sunk to in order to acquire ratings or the reality that young Australian women have taken a giant leap backward in the struggle for equality ie. Nadia desperately clinging to Anthony in a plea to make him beg her to move to Sydney while the look on his face is screaming that he just wants to run a million miles in the opposite direction.  Clingy much Nadia?   Stage 5 I reckon!



Maybe Baby For “Shnick”

Twin BabiesI guess what I can’t seem to come to terms with is that I was under the impression that Married at First Sight was supposed to be about an 8 week experiment.  Not the experiment plus an extra six months after the experiment.  Do we really need to see Anthony eating breakfast?  I certainly don’t need to listen to his jerk like behaviour as he might as well have ditched poor Nadia over Skype last night!  Will they won’t they will they won’t they?  None of it makes any sense!!!!


Then there’s Sharon and Nick.  According to the Daily Mail there could be a little “Shnick” (“Baby On The Way? MAFS’ Sharon Murphy Refuses To Deny Rumours With “Husband” Nick Furphy as couple plan interstate move to ‘take their relationship to the next level’ ) on the way which would make it the second MAFS Oz baby!!  It would come as no surprise if she were carrying a little bundle of joy considering Sharon looks set to relocate her life from Perth to Melbourne to be with her dream man.  Could even be twins for the lucky couple but it looks like this could be another one the experts actually got right!!



Alene & Simon Make Long Distance Work

Moving on to Alene and Simon (minus the hair which was THE best decision he has made other than marrying Alene of course) the cutest couple ever.   Duuno why but I just find them adorable.  Simon was having a little grumble over having to use Skype and technology to see his wife and he couldn’t call her up to ask her if she wanted to go out for a “cuppa”.  Poor munchkin was not happy about doing it long distance but at least things appear to be progressing with them and I do hope we see a bunch of little curly-haired replicas of the happy couple running around soon.


But there is still more of the MAFS madness going on with Andy and Vanessa.  If I never have to see another scrunched up look of disgust on Vanessa’s face at Andrews very existence it will be far too soon.  She is just so critical it’s pretty clear that the poor guy is never going to cut it with this viper of a woman.  i say let it go and move on Andrew while you still have any self-worth left cos she is comin’ after it!



MAFS Season 4 The Never Ending Story

MAFS Season 4 Channel 9 logoI think that’s covered the never-ending saga that is MAFS Season 4.  Channel 9 I can only hope that after 27 Episodes and 427 million “extras” clips  (not an actual stat i just made that up but geez it’s gotta be close) that you hang up your hat and have a long hard look at what you’ve made Australian audiences endure over the last few months!!!