Me riding a bike
Me riding a bike on the footpath

Back on that bike

So as you can see from the photos the other day I attempted to get myself back on a bike. You know how sometimes people will say you never forget something because it’s just like riding a bike?  Well after my bike ride I’ve decided that may not necessarily be the case.


In an effort to practice what I preach here on Wrap It By Rach I thought it was high time I started some form of an exercise regime.  I don’t claim to be an expert in knowing exactly what to do to get physically fit.  If I have given any advice on my blog or to friends or family it’s always after having done extensive research and impressing the importance of consulting a professional before undertaking any kind of physical activity.



It’s been a long time

However, after having stressed to you the importance of undertaking some form of exercise in combination with our wraps I just figured it was time I put my money where my mouth is so to speak.  It’s only fair that I give you some kind of proof that I do take efforts to actually do some of the things that I’m suggesting you guys try for yourself.


I will be honest and tell you that I haven’t been on a bike in any way, shape or form since I was a child.  If you want to get specific I’d approximate that the last time before the other day was around 30’ish or so years.  Let’s just say it’s been a rather long time!



Helmet Head

When I was a kid we never wore helmets.  Although I agree 100% that helmets are vital for safety and no one should be riding a bike in this day and age without one, it just doesn’t do much for my appearance.  Thanks to genetics my ears are 3 sizes too big for my head so I have always had a complex about them!


There’s no sugar coating the fact that they stick out like sore thumbs and could give Prince Charles a run for his money!  Particularly in any form of head wear (including caps or headbands) so I just never accessorize from the neck up!  I take every possible precaution to ensure that no attention is drawn to my goofy looking ears.



Unimpressed with bike riding



My new walk

So of course I’m worrying that I look like Mickey Mouse with my helmet head and protruding ears sticking out each side!  As you can see from my expression this whole experience is not impressing me.  Not that it should really matter what I look like. I’m at least making an effort to do this and I’m proud of myself for the attempt.  I just can’t help feel a little paranoid about the ear and helmet debacle and the rather atrocious fashion statement I’m making.


Sadly, that’s not the worst of it.  That would have to be the excruciating pain developing in my inner thighs!  Any girl who has not ridden a bike for a long period of time would know exactly what I’m talking about. You know the feeling of literally being scissored?  Well that’s the one to which I am referring.  It’s not pleasant and made me walk funny for several days.



The problem with not being foolproof

Then of course there was the problems with balance. Although I eventually managed to get to a point where I could take off without holding on to something, I literally felt like I was going to topple over each time.  Luckily that never happened and I somehow pulled off a complete lap of my block without falling off.  I just always felt like I was going to fall to the side when I stopped and took off again.


Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m an adult now that I’m constantly paranoid, terrified that I’m going to fall off.  When we are kids we are fearless thinking we are infallible.   Unfortunately now that I’m older I am aware that bad things can and sometimes do happen. so that feeling never left me while I was on the bike.



Getting back on that bike

Will I get back on a bike again?  Will I put all this behind me and continue to ride anyway? Hell yes I will!  Because despite the Dumbo ears, the knackerising and the fear of falling off I know that I can accomplish anything.  If I believe in it and want it badly enough then I can achieve anything that I want to.  Although it wasn’t “just like riding a bike” I know it will gradually come back to me.


I will get over the paranoia of my ears and tell myself to “suck it up princess” like I do whenever I start doubting myself.  And I know with time the soreness in the legs will fade with a little persistence and practice.  i will even manage to lose the fear of falling.  If I want something badly enough I know I can get it with a little hard work.  I’ll use the same determination that I take into building my business and get straight back on that bike!