I’m still in shock with the latest piece of news on the grapevine.  Sophie Monk, former Bardot pop star, actress and girl who I think is just famous for being famous is looking for love on reality tv now!  Yep, don’t bother cleaning your eyes cos you read it right the first time, the new bachelorette returning to our screens on channel 10 this year will be non other than Sophie Monk!


It seems at 37, our Soph has decided she’s tired of meeting people in the “biz” having being engaged to the likes of Benji Madden from Good Charlotte, and businessman Jimmy Esebeg (that one still remains a mystery to me) and linked to big names like actor Sam Worthington.  Now she has made the obvious decision (well obvious to her at least) to meet a random on The Bachelorette!


Encouraged by her mother no less, Sophie claims that the men that she meets and dates have all had big…..EGOS!  Well I’m sorry Soph but looking at the pool you’ve been fishing in of course they are going to be driven by ego!! So for you boys out there who are keen according to news.com.au if you’re looking to date Miss Monk she has outlined the following criteria for her new suitor.  This is the list in her words:


  1. “Someone that really like’s me” – personally i think you might have that one sewn up Soph, you’re a bit of a hottie let’s be honest
  2. “Someone that works because I don’t want to have to pay for everything” – good luck with that one….there’s a severe shortage of those around but somehow Channel 10 always manage to find a select few
  3. “Someone who is not competitive. Just a man who has got a good self-esteem. I don’t really want a boyfriend that is obsessed with how he looks because I don’t care” – well any man who cares too much about how he looks is usually gay so I think you’re ok there
  4. “And I would love funny but that is tricky” – well now you’re being a little fussy Soph, funny men are hard to come by especially single ones!!


As usual, when anyone has anything to announce because it’s just not official until they do so, Sophie has been on social media and tweeted



Let’s hope poor Soph manages to keep her undies dry in time for when she appears on our screens in Septemeber’ish (I’m just approximating there) when she gets to meet a new line up of Aussie hotties all vowing to win her heart.  I reckon just quietly now that this has been announced there will be a heap of boys bashing on Channel 10’s door all wanting to get in on the action this season.  I for one am now gleefully looking forward to it so bring on the roses guys cos Sophie is accepting!!