I’m Certainly No Doctor

Although I may not be a doctor I consider myself to be a little bit of an expert in the field of weight loss.  I have been attempting it for almost 20 years now and have picked up a stack of knowledge along the way.The key lesson I’ve learned is that weight loss is the weight loss is hard.  I mean REALLY hard!  You can be equipped with all the knowledge in the world and still not succeed at it.  So when you are considering attempting it you want to ensure that you do everything in the healthiest manner possible.

The other thing I’ve learned is that no matter what any doctor may say, you will always have a better idea about what is going on with your body.  It’s like another sense that we have as humans to instinctively know when something within is not operating the way that it should.  Trust your instincts when you’re adapting to any dietary change as you will be the best judge if something is not right.


Losing weight is change and as a rule we don’t always have positive reactions to things changing.  Food is often associated with comfort, so when things aren’t going well in our lives it is not uncommon for us to use it like a drug.In situations like the ending of a relationship for example , food and what we put into our bodies is the one thing we still have 100% power over. It is human nature to seek calm when our world is in upheaval so food can help to squash feelings of sadness, abandonment or anger.

This can become a danger and lead to obesity or eating disorders.  Like any other additction using food in this manner can become habit forming very quickly and unfortunately can take twice as long to break.

So when you’re considering losing weight timing is very important.  Try to remain positive and set realistic and achievable goals.  Running marathons and living on bread and water will not be something you are able to maintain long term.