Apple is a brand that you either love or hate, but love ’em or not they are certainly in my good books right now!  Why are they in my good books?  Well they have very likely just cost me a heart attack and someone in the area of 2 grand.  You see being a blonde, and a little bit of an airhead at times I lose stuff a lot and my phone is always going missing so the “Find My iPhone” App has just saved me the cost of having to replace a lost phone!


Before yesterday I hadn’t really used the “Find My iPhone” App. Yes, I know shocking given that I have the attention span of a fish.  I do usually have a rough idea of where it is and always manage to find it on my own.  But this time was different because I had no earthly idea where it could be and I knew I had been out. This is what was bothering me the most and what prompted me to use it because it was possible I’d put it down somewhere and walked off without it.




I don’t always rely on the kindness of strangers but my faith in humanity was restored recently. My father is 85 now and as you can imagine is prone to lose and forget things on a regular basis.  The other week my brother took him to his holiday shack at Port Julie which is on the York Peninsula about 2 towns back from Edithburgh.


Anyway while dad was on this trip he must’ve called in at one of the local pubs as they do for a beer and possibly a meal.  My dad has aways been slightly on the tight side where money is concerned, so it’s most likely that my brother would pay for everything because if dad opens his wallet moths will fly out and scatter.


At some point he must have pulled it out though because when he got back to Adelaide he couldn’t find his wallet anywhere.   We had to go and put a block on his bank card to ensure no one withdrew any money from my parents account because the bank card was in the wallet.  He also had $300 in cash in the wallet which we had pretty much written off.




But then on the  Friday of the next week I received a phone call from a guy called Ben asking me if I knew anyone by the name of “Des” which is my father’s name.  I tell him that yes I know who he is and that I’m his daughter before he goes on to tell me that he has recovered dad’s wallet, with the money and cards all still in it!


I’m pretty much gobsmacked at this point because I had not held out any hope that anyone would be honest enough to return the wallet at all so for him to have the integrity to not touch the money was really awesome.  I was so impressed that we gave the guy $50 for his efforts in reward which was not something he looked comfortable taking but he was good enough to drop the wallet off at our house so I couldn’t leave him empty handed for his efforts


The entire situation has given me a little hope for humanity.  It’s just nice to know that there are still a few good people out there who are prepared to do the right thing when a situation like that is presented to them!  A big THUMBS UP to you Ben 🙂




I knew that if someone had taken my phone I might not be so lucky and I began thinking of all sorts of nasty scenarios.  My entire life was on that phone.  On the cloud actually but still.  All sorts of stuff was going through my head.  Someone could steal my identity.  Run up a nasty credit debt and stick me with the bill.


I had never been in this much of a panic about the whereabouts of my phone before.  Perhaps this is what put the idea into my head about using the “Find My iPhone” app.  I’d never even attempted to use it before but knew that I’d downloaded it years ago.




I get on my Mac, type into google “how to use find my iPhone” because i’ve never used it before I had no idea how the bloody thing worked!  I sit and await my instructions….stright away a map comes up and a small user interface telling me to play sound to find my phone.  As you can see below this is what it looks like.



So I click on “Play Sound” and cross my fingers.  I start to hear a very faint beep, beep, beep.  I stand up and move closer toward the sound.  The beeping gets progressively louder with each step I take.   Eventually I come to the edge of my bed and look down.  Still no phone.  So I get down on my hands and knees and notice that the beeping is getting slightly louder.  I move an old book out from underneath my bed and there is my phone beeping at me!




I have been a skeptic about the Find My iPhone app in the past.  I didn’t actually like the fact that my location was being tracked.  I’ve probably heard too many nasty conspiracy theory stories listening to my boyfriend freaking me out about being harassed by “the man”.


I now have a new appreciation for this little piece of technology.   The relief at knowing where my phone was is enough to get over worrying about the CIA tracking me!  I’m not a bloody terrorist after all so who cares if the government knows where I am.   As long as I’ve got my phone I’m a happy camper.  So if you’re wondering about whether or not the “Find My iPhone” app serves any purpose rest assured.  It is definitely worth the download data!


More details are available about the app at the Apple Website.