venting and angryForgive me for venting

I’m going to vent today because I clearly have “scam me” written somewhere that I’m not aware of and my patience with this problem has almost reached capacity.  Earlier today the phone rang as it does.  We have the kind of phone that announces the caller which I thought would be great because i have elderly people living in the house.  When I bought it I thought it would be a good thing for them to know who was calling which has worked out really great.  So each time that it rings it will tell me who is calling.   It’s got one of those nifty “Stephen Hawking” type digital voices that announces the caller


If I hear “You are receiving a call from a Private Number” I immediately cringe.  I know that when a “private” number is calling it can mean one of several different things.  It’s either a sales call, mostly for solar panels and roller shutters both of which I already have, a charity or someone attempting to scam me out of money.  All 3 of those calls sound like the biggest waste of 5 minutes that could be better spent working on my It Works Business.   I really shouldn’t pick up but if I don’t the aforementioned elderly people will have a fit because they always have to answer the phone.  Ignore a phone call at my house and watch out you’ll be harassed within an inch of your life!


But today I got a phone call from what I though was an actual Australian phone number.  What happens is that if the phone doesn’t recognise the caller it will read out the number instead.  So I listen to it read out the numbers “0-2-6-1-0-0-3-0-2-7” and I think ok, this is an actual Aussie phone number, most likely from either Sydney or Canberra because of the “02” area code.  That assumption was my first mistake



I’ve broken the law…so I’m told

I pick up and am advised that there is a warrant issued for my arrest because apparently I have defrauded the ATO out of money.  Well this is news to me!  It’s an automated message in an American accent no less!!


I admit I have become a little cheeky of late with some of these callers. I’ve even played along and asked one particular scammer if he was going to clean my Windows because he claimed to be from Microsoft . But now I’m getting arrested for tax evasion! Where does the stupidity end?


I’ve immediately googled the scam and found the exact one that has just been attempted on me.  It’s an attempt to get you to wire funds to good old Western Union of course.  These guys are operating and working at these scams like they would treat an ordinary job.



Scammers with personality and ingenuity

Scam MeIf it weren’t so very wrong I must admit I’d kind of admire the tenacity and initiative they demonstrate when they create these things. I’ll admit that there was a time years ago that they even had me thinking that I had enough  viruses on my laptop to bring Telstra (for the international readers Telstra is our biggest Telecommunications Retailer in Oz) to its knees! But the minute they started asking for $$ otherwise I’d lose my internet connection I snapped and knew. So luckily I’ve never actually handed over my credit card details or allowed them access to my computer.


But there will still be some who are not so aware that will fall into these traps and it’s infuriating. They just get sneakier and sneakier in the methods that they use to scam people.


Having read the scam watch article I was amazed to find that they have now come up with new ways to disguise their phone numbers so that it looks like it is coming from an Australian phone line.  Which as I mentioned earlier, was the reason I picked up to begin with. The tactics are just more and more ingenious!  It makes me wonder if they invested half of the time that they use in coming up with these intricate and sophisticated operations would they perhaps be world leaders by now!  Truly clever individuals but manipulative non the less as I have no doubt that these operations are churning out big profits and are quite lucrative for those involved.



Scam Me No More…Lesson Learned

So lesson learned for me, which I guess is what life is about.  I hope that after having read this article you are a little more cautious and wary about handing over ANY private information when on the phone because you just never know who it is on the other end of the line! If you have ever fallen victim to a phone or internet scam let us know.  Information is power and the more we know the better armed we are in protecting ourselves against these thieves.


Thanks for reading guys.  Till next time xx