My “Happy To Be Alive” Bubble

I struggle to put into words what the It Works Defining Gel has done for my confidence levels….but I’m gonna give it a try. Just over 11 years ago now I had to have emergency surgery.


It is a long, scary story, but let’s just say that It saved my life so I’m grateful that I had it! I wouldn’r be here had I not agreed to it.  Because of the fact that I was so glad to be alive the deep scar that it left me with around my tummy area just didn’t seem to matter.


On one of my final appointments with my surgeon she asked how I was feeling about it.  Because it was performed in such a rush the incision was made without much thought given to how it would heal and the difference it would make to the appearance of my stomach.  She extended the offer to refer me to a plastic surgeon which I turned down at the time because I was still in the “happy to be breathing and alive” bubble that I had created for myself.

The Emotional Break

It wasn’t until around a year after I had fully recovered physically and was returning to my normal routine that the enormity of what had occurred and how deep and unattractive in appearance it looked became of major importance to me.  I had a complete emotional meltdown and I am not ashamed to admit that I sought help and am SO grateful that I did.


I got myself a good mental health plan and it was one of the best moves I ever made.  I will always recommend to anyone who asks to get healthy from the inside out doesn’t just mean going on a diet and losing weight.  We need to place as much importance on what is happening on the inside of our bodies as we do on our appearance.  Having a healthy mind will put everything in perspective and lead to better things.  So my mind was healing but the scar was still niggling at me.


Hiding In Shame

About two years prior to my surgery I’d had a tummy ring which I’d taken out because of infection.  At the time it didn’t really matter to me because I thought if I wanted to try again I could always do so later


I didn’t necessarily WANT another tummy ring, because thinking back to having it done it REALLY hurt having my skin twisted around and around with that large surgical twisty contraption they use to clamp the skin.  I wouldn’t want it done again but the fact that I COULDN’T was getting to me.


I began looking at it intensely, scrutinising it and the longer I looked the uglier it got.  I was never showing it off at any point but now I was going to extremes to hide it putting on layers of clothing to make sure it didn’t become exposed.  The thought of it being seen terrified me!  I would even hide it from my partner who had seen it at it’s worst so it was having a huge impact on my confidence.



Potions & Lotions

i tried every lotion and potion recommended to me.  I asked doctors, family, friends, stragers, ANYONE who could suggest a product I hadn’t already tried.  I became desperate to find a solution and I knew I had to take action. The thought of more surgery depressed me even further.  Surgery to correct surgery didn’t seem like the answer but I was willing to do it.


That’s when I came across a post on Facebook from an old school friend about It Works.  What attracted me initially was the wraps.  I was a little skeptical but I was willing to give it a try. I had gained quite a bit of weight so a flatter stomach would be awesome.



The Definition of Confidence

It wasn’t until I started using the Defining Gel that I really noticed what it was doing to diminish the appearance of my scar.  It just looked a lot less angry!  That’s the only way I can explain it.  It is still a process but it’s working.  I’m not brave enough to share the results just yet.  But I know in time I will be ready to eventually because it looks better each and every day.


In the meantime, there are some braver souls than I who have used the Defining Gel and are getting similar results.  These are people like you and me, who are on my team that i know are the real deal!