So What Just Happened?

It’s probably time to admit my guilty pleasure which is that I’m a reality tv junkie and I watch some of the trashiest stuff. So I HAVE to spill my proverbial guts about what just happened on Married At First Sight!!!! CANNOT believe that Nadia has just agreed to stay with that mysoginist caveman Anthony!!!


And THEN as a further kick in the proverbial groin….Susan did a complete 180 and decided that she was NOT going to continue with her relationship with Sean.  It’s been over 2 hours since I viewed the final episode (which was dragged out to WITHIN AN INCH OF IT’S LIFE…thank you for that Channel 9( and I am still reeling from both decisions.



Did I really Just See What I Saw?

I don’t know how many times I heard the words “I really really love him” come from Susan’s mouth.  Whether that was Channel 9’s bright idea to keep rerunning things over and over or she just genuinely felt that and continued to say it is up for debate.


I just don’t understand her decision to cut it off completely when she clearly felt so deeply for Sean and her relationship with him.  Can she really be so cold?  Sean deserves so much more and I’m so upset that he got such a raw deal from the situation.


Whatever the case may be the image of her walking away without a backward glance keeps replaying itself over and over in my head.  Am I being ridiculous to feel so badly for Sean?  Am I going over the top about how sickening I find it that she could throw away such a wonderful and caring person??   I find it hard to believe that she has gone from “I’m going to give it a shot” at the dinner party last week to “I can’t be in a relationship with you” this week.  How does anyone change their feelings so quickly?



Please Explain?

Perhaps I’m just still in need of some time to come to grips with it and gain a clearer understanding but from where I’m sitting I will never understand what just happened on MAFS this evening.  Every other decision I have seen coming a mile away but THIS one has knocked me over and put me in a permanent state of shock!


When I come out of it I will no doubt be 1. Sorry that I admitted I watch such a silly show and 2. hopefully able to come to grips with the stupidity of both Nadia and Susan who before tonight I respected and thought had a well functioning brain in each of their heads.  I have just one question running through my head in the voice of our beloved One Nation leader Pauline…..PLEASE EXPLAIN???