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MAFS Season 4 Will It Ever End?

Beyond The Experiment  The cast of MAFS season 4 must be getting a pretty lucrative pay cheque for their time this year because it seems like the show just never ends.  It appears that madness has crept into the decision makers at Channel 9 because I feel like the show has become a little bit of a farce.   I’m still weighing up what disappoints me the most.  The depths that free to air television has sunk to in order to acquire ratings or the reality that young Australian women have taken a giant leap backward in the struggle for equality ie....

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I Can’t Believe What I Just Saw On MAFS

So What Just Happened? It’s probably time to admit my guilty pleasure which is that I’m a reality tv junkie and I watch some of the trashiest stuff. So I HAVE to spill my proverbial guts about what just happened on Married At First Sight!!!! CANNOT believe that Nadia has just agreed to stay with that mysoginist caveman Anthony!!!   And THEN as a further kick in the proverbial groin….Susan did a complete 180 and decided that she was NOT going to continue with her relationship with Sean.  It’s been over 2 hours since I viewed the final episode...

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Confidence In A Defining Gel

My “Happy To Be Alive” Bubble I struggle to put into words what the It Works Defining Gel has done for my confidence levels….but I’m gonna give it a try. Just over 11 years ago now I had to have emergency surgery.   It is a long, scary story, but let’s just say that It saved my life so I’m grateful that I had it! I wouldn’r be here had I not agreed to it.  Because of the fact that I was so glad to be alive the deep scar that it left me with around my tummy area just didn’t...

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Gotta Have A Great Pair Of Havi’s

MY FIRST MILESTONE I’ve found a FABULOUS way to reward yourself for any weight loss milestone is to buy yourself something new.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or over the top.  I will usually base the amount I spend on what I have achieved at the time.   I have just started wrapping again after around 6 months of laziness.  So I’ve set myself a small, achievable goal to fit into a pair of jeans that still fit but were becoming a little snug around the tummy.  Literally within 2 wraps (which was 6 days) the jeans were comfortable...

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How To Lose Weight In A Healthy Way

I’m Certainly No Doctor Although I may not be a doctor I consider myself to be a little bit of an expert in the field of weight loss.  I have been attempting it for almost 20 years now and have picked up a stack of knowledge along the way.The key lesson I’ve learned is that weight loss is the weight loss is hard.  I mean REALLY hard!  You can be equipped with all the knowledge in the world and still not succeed at it.  So when you are considering attempting it you want to ensure that you do everything in...

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