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It’s Reality And Sophie Monk Is Our New Bachelorette

I’m still in shock with the latest piece of news on the grapevine.  Sophie Monk, former Bardot pop star, actress and girl who I think is just famous for being famous is looking for love on reality tv now!  Yep, don’t bother cleaning your eyes cos you read it right the first time, the new bachelorette returning to our screens on channel 10 this year will be non other than Sophie Monk!   It seems at 37, our Soph has decided she’s tired of meeting people in the “biz” having being engaged to the likes of Benji Madden from Good Charlotte, and businessman Jimmy Esebeg...

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Not So “Happy Days” For Erin Moran

I have woken to the tragic news of Erin Moran from Happy Days having passed.  Not the nicest thing to wake up to on a Sunday, but there it is none the less.  Going through my usual “Google Trends” looking for a blog topic to post there I see Erin’s beautiful face and I wonder if it’s bad news or not.  But she’s so young I think to myself, so it can’t be cancer or any other form of terminal illness and certainly not death!!   According to Just Jared the actress known for the bubbly Joanie character on shows including “Happy Days”...

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Hoarding, Mess & Battle Of The Sexes

Please Excuse The Mess Yesterday Darren had one of his routine panic attacks because he couldn’t find our keys.  I’m no angel when it comes to the area of cleanliness, nor do I claim to be.  I’m guilty of being messy and I openly admit to leaving stuff laying about.  But if Darren loses something it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack! I am embarrassed to admit to this but we are both terrible hoarders.  Not the kind that is in need of a reality tv show intervention….not yet anyway.  I have managed to accumulate all of my junk into...

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Healthy Food Ideas That Aid Weight Loss

Healthy Food Ideas To Moderate & Balance Today I’d like to share with you a few suggestions for a daily healthy food meal plan to use as a guide in combination with our It Works Products.  Although our wraps are great for losing inches it doesn’t necessarily mean the you shouldn’t be maintaining a well-balanced diet that includes good, nutritious healthy food.  Honestly guys it’s not at all difficult to do and is REALLY worth the effort as it will make your wrapping experience a whole lot more effective and powerful.  Plus the kilograms are going to fall of...

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Do I Have “Scam Me” Taped To My Back?

Forgive me for venting I’m going to vent today because I clearly have “scam me” written somewhere that I’m not aware of and my patience with this problem has almost reached capacity.  Earlier today the phone rang as it does.  We have the kind of phone that announces the caller which I thought would be great because i have elderly people living in the house.  When I bought it I thought it would be a good thing for them to know who was calling which has worked out really great.  So each time that it rings it will tell me who...

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