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Wealthy Affiliate In Review

A few years ago when I first started learning about Affiliate Marketing and how to earn cash online I came across a fantastic platform that helped me to understand the very basics.  The Wealthy Affiliate program is exactly that.  It offers beginners the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and how to earn money from blogging.   Getting started with Wealthy Affiliate is very simple, and free.  There is absolutely no cost to sign up.  It’s just a matter of creating a personal profile.  I’ve created my own here and was greeted within minutes with a welcome...

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Why Chris Cornell’s Voice & Music Will Always Resonate

I wanted to comment on Chris Cornell’s passing, member of some of the greatest bands of our time including Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple Of The Dog, aged 52 on 17 May 2017.  The cause of death has been determined as suicide by hanging. Cornell’s body was found by a friend in a hotel bathroom at the MGM Grand in Detroit.   Chris had been performing a show with Soundgarden the previous evening which has been posted to YouTube.  Rolling Stone Magazine called the performance “muscular” with one reporter claiming that Cornell “wasn’t mentally present” on stage for his final performance....

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I’m A Converted Holiday Cruiseling & Now I Want More

I recently took a holiday that changed everything for me.  It was long overdue because I haven’t taken what I’d consider to be a “normal” holiday in ages.  It depends on what your idea of a holiday is I guess.   My last holiday was to Bateman’s Bay staying in a cabin. Although I loved being there and thought that the surroundings were beautiful it was far from 5 star luxury.  I was making my own bed in the morning, doing my own laundry and preparing my own meals.  Plus it was probably a little over 10 years ago...

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Back on that bike So as you can see from the photos the other day I attempted to get myself back on a bike. You know how sometimes people will say you never forget something because it’s just like riding a bike?  Well after my bike ride I’ve decided that may not necessarily be the case.   In an effort to practice what I preach here on Wrap It By Rach I thought it was high time I started some form of an exercise regime.  I don’t claim to be an expert in knowing exactly what to do to...

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Find My iPhone Does Just That

APPLE IS IN MY GOOD BOOKS Apple is a brand that you either love or hate, but love ’em or not they are certainly in my good books right now!  Why are they in my good books?  Well they have very likely just cost me a heart attack and someone in the area of 2 grand.  You see being a blonde, and a little bit of an airhead at times I lose stuff a lot and my phone is always going missing so the “Find My iPhone” App has just saved me the cost of having to replace a lost phone!  ...

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