To Make A Long Story Short

ME PIC ABOUT ME PAGEAs you’ve probably already gathered, my name is Rachael, spelt with an “ael” as opposed to the more common “el” that most of us are given. Not exactly sure what convinced the parents to add the “a” in there but each to their own I always say!


I won’t bore you with my life story but I’ll give you a little background about myself. I am an Aussie girl, born in Adelaide South Australia where I currently reside. I am the youngest of a family of 4 siblings, consisting of 3 girls and 1 boy and, as I continue to tell anyone who will listen,  my parents had to keep reproducing until they achieved perfection!  So here I am on the left 🙂


My interests include reading, cooking, health and beauty, wellness and nutrition, movies (preferably horror) and finding opportunities to monetize websites by blogging and affiliate marketing



My Fur Babies Mia & Chelsea

Mia and Chelsea Lounging AboutI don’t have any children but I do have fur babies who I probably treat like children so they dictate pretty much everything in my life…sad but true.  I am a HUGE animal lover, advocate and  member of WWF to whom I donate generously.  My fur babies are two fluffy Maltese Cross girls including Mia who is 7 and Chelsea is a new addition and at the time of writing this is exactly 13 weeks and two days old.


They are both just learning to play together nicely but for the most part  we have managed to achieve a nice little harmonious friendship.  Except of course for when Chelsea starts biting Mia around the butt and Mia jumps 10 feet in the air!  Mia is actually 3 times the size of Chelsea so it’s a little hard not to laugh at the fact that she is absolutely petrified whenever Chelsea gets too close.


I am considering puppy training to calm her down a little but we will see how things go with her.  Anyway, both are my pride and joy and if you decide to sign up for membership to my blog there will be updates on all of their adventures.